'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Xtreme Technologies B.V.

Xtreme Technologies’ vision for Cool Chain Logistics is based on that of a “Smart Cool Chain Solution” in a concept that goes beyond the utilization of individual technologies in their own “technology islands”.

Our aim is to deliver the ability to communicate with objects and people in real time, seamlessly combining information from sources like RFID, Sensors, GPS and Mobile devices to create innovative solutions and added value at the highest levels for our customers.


TradeLink is our software platform that was designed from the ground up to do exactly that. An integrated solution with modules that resemble the “killer applications” of today’s Web 2.0 :

The Internet is evolving. Traditionally, it allowed us to connect places. Mobile Internet connects people, anywhere, at any time. Now there is the 'Internet of Things' allowing us to connect to ... anything.

Xtreme Technologies leads the way in this new era with TradeLink, software that allows you to connect to products, assets and other things to provide answers to the key questions: What, Where, When and Why?

Think “Facebook”

TradeLink is the knowledge base for all your product information. Like “Facebook” it allows you to store and share all relevant details of an object as well as its relationships with other products and transport items.

Think “Twitter”

Like Twitter, TradeLink registers all the events in the life of a product, like “I arrived at the warehouse” or “I am  +5 oC”. All these “tweets” are analyzed in real-time and transformed into relevant business information.

Think “TomTom”

TradeLink-on-the-Go is the integrated Telematics module that not only provides all the tools for fleet management, navigation and communication but is the key to providing real-time RTI and product traceability.

Think “Google”

Finding information quickly on the Internet of Things is crucial and the “Discovery Services” module of TradeLink is the tool to use, or better yet, it will inform you pro-actively based on your profile and interests.

Partnerships for Success

Xtreme Technologies strongly depends on partners to provide valuable information to its customers. In order to get good data in, we need complete solutions and work closely with RFID chip, tag and reader manufacturers and also Business Consultants, RFID and IT System Integrators.

Key relationships with other companies are built:

Business Networks

By joining targeted business networks, we gain industry specific knowledge and insight into business drivers and technology requirements. Complying with standards is crucial for our software in order to integrate seamlessly with other market players.

Solution Partners

Solution Partners provide business consulting and training services, and work closely with clients to define their Key Performance Indicators that measure and manage business performance, using Xtreme Technologies solutions.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners are comprised of software and platform vendors who offer technology that complements our solutions including operating systems, hardware platforms, application servers and databases.


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