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This Biologistic Drone That Will Save Your Life

This Biologistic Drone That Will Save Your Life

This is Flash Biologistic’s latest innovation project. After creating the first electric car with a patented solution of cooling temperature with 3 separate compartments, the European leader in healthcare urgent shipment proves again its appetite for innovation in this area launching the first healthcare drone delivery service.

Luxembourg, 02.18.2016 - Flash Biologistic decided to join the Drones For Life consortium, leader in autonomous transportation of samples.

“We are glad to welcome Flash Biologistic within our consortium. Its unique expertise in medical logistics represents a decisive contribution for the success of our project Drones For Life” Jean -Dominique Lauwereins , coordinator of the DFL project.

This drone that you may see flying if you live in Bordeaux will be performing this summer its first flight tests for the University Hospital Center of the city. Like a tiny flying ambulance in some way.

Why is Flash Biologistic betting on drones? The main reasons are speed and quality of this means of transport. Medical products - blood samples or organs - have to be delivered quickly, following a set deadline and under closely-controlled temperature. A late shipment or a wide temperature variation can render the product unusable for an analysis or surgery. Hence the added value of a drone equipped with BioLogistic isothermal packaging[1], exclusively dedicated to healthcare transports and able to fly straight in line, avoiding traffic. With these drones, Flash BioLogistic intends to actively improve our daily lives, implementing technology where most needed.

“Faster, cleaner and more cost-effective, drones are the future of transport in the healthcare sector. Flash Biologistic is proud to bring its knowledge and expertise to the table so that this project becomes a reality at the service of public health” Philippe Higelin, Flash CEO says.

When the urgent transport and biological diagnosis leaders meet…

This is why Flash Biologistic decided to join the Drones For Life consortium, group of healthcare, technology and development experts, trained to route these saving drones safely. Flash Biologistic is not only sharing its transport experience in healthcare but also its conception and innovation know-how. The future has never been this close.

Life-saving drones

These drones are not meant for entertainment, they are exclusively dedicated to help patients who would need urgent care. Flash Biologistic is constantly searching for new solutions in the healthcare sector. Once again, the Group strives for innovation.

By integrating in the drone’s pods a remote temperature control system, Flash Biologistic demonstrates its specialized skills in metrology and tracking.  Samples and organs are closely monitored to be shipped in time and quality.

Other specificity, the drone will not be controlled manually but will follow a predefined flight path based on longitude and latitude coordinates for which it would be programmed. As drones can’t fly when the weather is not compliant, Flash Biologistic will ensure the continuity of delivery service thanks to its existing fleet of drivers trained for emergency situations and able to intervene 24/7. Drones are a complementary solution for the shipment process. A communication system between drones and Flash Biologistic’s internal managing platform will be set to allow 100% automated flights.

Okay, but when?

Very soon! Drones For Life plans to perform the first flight tests this summer. Inaugurating flights, open to public and to press, will take place at the same time at the University Hospital Center of Bordeaux, inherent partner of Drones For Life. The delivery service itself will be marketable in Europe by 2017.

Biologistic’s drones are the new way of shipping healthcare products.

The European leader in urgent premium shipments is responsible for a lot of innovations like the remote temperature control system, is an expert in quality management, and finally has legal compliance knowledge of the healthcare sector.

Your samples are in the hands of professionals with all the necessary certifications

In order to get flight authorizations for these rescuing drones, Flash Biologistic will have to comply with mandatory regulations, like getting the ULM theoretical pilot license from the DGAC (Directorate General for Civil Aviation), the Skill Level Declaration (French DNC) to be a licensed pilot and sending an MAP (Particular Activity Manual) to the DGAC and to the relevant prefecture. Necessary processes to change the healthcare world. Each life is precious. We should not waste time and start making the future our present.