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ThermoSafe buys PharmaPort 360

ThermoSafe buys PharmaPort 360

Arlington Heights, Illinois, US: Sonoco ThermoSafe has bought PharmaPort 360 from AAR to enter the active temperature-controlled cargo containers market.

Sonoco ThermoSafe will own and lease the PharmaPort 360 containers globally while signing a multi-year agreement with AAR to manufacture, repair and perform maintenance services.

The PharmaPort 360 is an active container that uses regenerative heat exchangers to maintain temperature control for high-value cargo. These containers, which are approved by the US Federal Aviation Authority, can be used to safely ship temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, blood plasma and other biological cargo via air or ground transport.

Vicki Arthur, vice president, Sonoco Protective Solutions, said, “This acquisition is in line with our strategy to provide the best temperature-controlled shipping solution irrespective of technology platform (passive or active) to meet our customers’ critical needs for shipping high-value pharmaceuticals and biologics globally. Sonoco is committed to investing in passive and active technologies, like that of PharmaPort 360, and expanding its presence globally in the temperature-controlled packaging industry.”