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  • The spy in the box tracking air cargo

    On-Line Tracking, Cargo 2000 and other performance measurements of air cargo all aim to give shippers the reassurance that their airfreight shipments will arrive on time. Data loggers placed in the cargo can prove whether it was properly treated on route – for example kept at the prescribed temperature, or kept upright and not shaken. But when performance does not live up to promises, such measures generally only tell the shipper about the problem after it has happened.

  • Retailers take the lead in the flower supply chain in a bid to cut wastage

    The cut-flower supply chain is seeing a fundamental shift, as retailers trying to maintain or increase sale values are moving from a ‘push’ to a ‘pull’ model, with Bama Gruupen, Norway’s largest private distributor of fruit and vegetables, leading the charge. The value of Africa’s cut flower sales to Europe amounts to some $500m – but about 20% of the value is wasted through poor temperature control along supply chains, a loss of $100m for retailers. “One quarter of the shipments from Kenya may ...

  • TempTrip launches “one touch” temperature tag

    TempTrip has introduced a new ‘one touch’ intelligent tag for its web-based, cold chain time/temperature monitoring system. TempTrip says the temperature tag makes food and pharmaceutical cold chain management simple, yet more “intelligent” than ever before.  The new ultra high frequency (UHF) radio identification tag will be shown for the first time at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Expo, October 26-28, Anaheim, California. The new credit-card sized tag features a ta...

  • Kuehne + Nagel introduces real-time temperature control in airfreight

    As part of its KN PharmaChain product, Kuehne + Nagel has introduced newly developed active wireless sensors which record and transmit the temperature of pharmaceutical airfreight shipments along the entire supply chain. The use of active wireless sensors is a major achievement in the segment of seamless airfreight cold chains for pharmaceutical products. Generally, security rules prohibit the active use of mobile sensors during air transport.

  • Industry Update: Air Cargo and the Cool Chain

    There have been many ups and downs in the air cargo industry over the past two years, but there’s one trend that appears to be here to stay: the continued growth of cold chain cargo. There are several types of products that require cold chain or temperature-sensitive shipping, including perishables such as flowers and food. The biggest cold chain growth, however, is coming from the healthcare industry.

  • Innovation

    Trust - Your Most Important Quality By Edwin W. Kalischnig - CEO of Xtreme Technologies BV “Trust is a statement about what is otherwise unknown - for example, because it is far away, cannot be verified, or is in the future”. Every day millions of people around the globe eat food or take their drugs, trusting on the purity and quality of the product and the Brands behind them.