'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

The Chairman

Represents the Association to the outside world.

  • Is the Host at all gatherings within the Association.
  • Convenes and Chairs all Board and AGM Meetings. Drafts the Agenda.
  • Follows up on all decisions (also delegated decisions) taken within the Board.

Monitor and stay informed on all activities within the Association

About Stavros Evangelakakis ...

The Board is happy to inform you about the appointment of Mr. Stavros Evangelakakis as Chairman of the Board. Stavros is one of the first members who joined the CCA as far back as 2003.

Stavros Evangelakakis started in Cargolux 1989. He worked in various positions such as reservations, sales, marketing and cooperate marketing, before he went back in sales. Since two years he is heavily involved promoting Cargolux name transporting Temperature sensitive commodities together with the specially set up team "Keep Cool" within the company.