The CCA’s Technical Committee aims to assist, analyse, study, and manage critical points affecting product quality along the cool chain, as well as developing standards, and initiating projects.

CCA members who are not Board members and have volunteered to become Project Coordinators will be responsible for the facilitation of initiatives and the proposal of final solutions to the Board.

The Committee itself is open only to CCA members, but we welcome any suggestions for projects that will progress the ambition of the Association to reduce waste and loss and improve the quality, efficiency, and value of the cool supply chain.

It allows the CCA to concentrate efforts and resources on specific topics and projects, whilst showcasing the benefits of joining the Association to cool chain companies through white papers and proof of concept.

CCA’s best practice handling procedure video for perishables

The Cool Chain Association has created a best practice handling procedure video for perishables based on a series of trials tracking perishables exports from farm to table or vase undertaken by the Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB).

Current Projects

PPECB Raspberry trial

The CCA has created farm-to-market best handling practice guidelines based on a trial carried out by its member the PPECB for the airfreight export of fresh raspberries.

The trial followed the transport of raspberries from Haygrove Heaven Farm in Cape Town, South Africa, where some 85 percent of raspberries are produced for the export market, to the United Kingdom.

Several factors were assessed including the quality of raspberries on the farm, temperature management throughout the trade lane, handling processes, and a final quality evaluation on arrival at the end destination.

PPECB Flower Trial

A PPECB pilot trial monitoring cut flower exports from South Africa to Europe has highlighted the impact of temperature excursions on vase life.

The trial was conducted in collaboration with Arnelia Farms, a South African wholesale flower nursery and exporter, and tracked Sunshine Conebush flower consignments packed on-farm near Hopefield in the Western Cape province of South Africa and travelling to destinations in the Netherlands and Germany

The Cool Chain Association is working to draft a best practice handling procedure for perishables based on a series of trials tracking perishables exports from farm to table or vase undertaken by the Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB).

Risk Management Committee

The CCA’s Risk Management Committee is sponsored by CCA Board member Eric Mauroux, President of Freshbizdev, and includes shipper, airline, and forwarder members, led by Stefan Braun, Managing Director of SmartCAE.

The group focuses on developing digital risk management strategies to move towards more efficient and smarter pharma and perishable supply chains. It will identify case studies to adapt cost-effective and sustainable solutions to reduce the risk of waste.

Committee members include: Rogier Rook, Logistics Director, Nature’s Pride; Kamil Rarak, Special Cargo Product Development and Training Manager; LOT Polish Airlines; and, Xavier Ripoll, Sales and Marketing Director, Able Freight.

Challenge Group Label Trial

Members of the Cool Chain Association have completed the first stage of a project to trial a new label for perishables shipments, driven by Challenge Group.

The label trial was undertaken by handlers and warehouse operators to test the benefits of using a new label, including details of both commodity and temperature requirements on packaging for perishables shipments between Belgium and Israel.

Watch the presentation here.

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