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New CCA members

We are pleased to welcome three new members to the CCA, LOT Polish Airlines, Tower Cold Chain, and Challenge Group.

LOT is the sixth airline to join CCA’s growing membership.

“By joining the CCA and taking part in the Risk Management Committee, we hope to create common global standards and work towards a safe environment for handling pharmaceutical and healthcare products across the temperature-controlled supply chain,” said Kamil Rarak, Special Cargo Product Development and Training Manager, LOT Polish Airlines.

“We were awarded the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV) Pharmaceutical Certificate in 2020 and we are focused on supporting our global business partners in the field of healthcare products.”

Tower Cold Chain supplies specialist temperature-controlled containers.

“We are delighted to join the CCA and look forward to collaborating to ensure pharmaceuticals are handled and transported by means of robust, reliable, reusable solutions,” said

Nick Gilmore, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, Tower Cold Chain.

“Through working together, Tower can better assist the temperature-sensitive supply chain to reduce temperature excursions and waste and improve sustainability, to benefit the pharmaceutical community.”

Global air cargo group Challenge’s six companies include cargo airlines, handlers, and logistics services, and its subsidiary carrier

CAL Cargo Airlines is a leading carrier of perishables on the Israel to Europe trade lane.

It has a portfolio of temperature-controlled products covering perishables and pharmaceuticals and holds the IATA CEIV certification for its two airlines, CAL and Challenge Airlines, as well as for Challenge Handling in Liège, Belgium.

CAL Cargo Airlines will join the CCA’s newly developed Technical Committee, with the aim of supporting tangible projects and initiatives to drive improvements in the cool supply chain.

“By joining the CCA, we know we can make a concrete contribution to raise industry standards as an active member of the Technical Committee,” said Gianluca Marcangelo, Senior Manager Cargo Transformation, Challenge Group.

“We are looking forward to networking with other members and enhance our industry engagement to build strategic and long-term business partnership.”

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