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Cool Chain Association releases perishables best practice video and launches new pharma trial

The association presented findings from its raspberry and cut-flower field-to-market trials at Airfreight Pharma and announced a new pharmaceuticals trial with CCA member Lamprecht

Athens, Greece, Thursday 21st September 2023: The Cool Chain Association (CCA) launched a best practice video for perishables handling at Airfreight Pharma today (21st September), based on key findings from recent trials by CCA member Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB).

The educational video presents learnings from PPECB’s two perishables trials, which examined pain points in the transportation of raspberries and cut flowers from South Africa to the UK and Europe, and advises optimal handling procedures to protect product integrity and maximise shelf-life.

With these key objectives in mind, the video explores various stages of the perishables chain, highlighting good agricultural practices, requirements surrounding fresh air ventilation and taint, and recommendations for thermal protection of perishable products, including cartons, packaging, and labelling.

The guidance also covers optimal aircraft loading and transport procedures, and cold storage and pre-cooling of perishable products, offering advice on specific temperatures found to be optimal during trials.

“We have taken the results of our recent flower and raspberry trials and put them into a practical format to enable the entire industry to benefit from these learnings,” said Vijan Chetty, CCA Board Director and General Manager, PPECB at Airfreight Pharma.

“By adopting these optimal practices, the industry can hope to address the vast waste that occurs in the perishables supply chain.”

Following the success of its perishables trials and resulting best practice video, the CCA believes further research and trials are called for.

The CCA announced that it will partner with member Lamprecht Pharma Logistics AG (Lamprecht) to launch a new trial following pharmaceuticals shipments.

“Lamprecht Pharma Logistics will head up a pharmaceuticals trial with the CCA to track the most critical parts of the pharmaceutical supply chain, identifying pain points to further optimise performance,” said Felix Johannes, Commercial Representative Operations, Lamprecht.

The new trial will launch in the fourth quarter of 2023.

To view the best practise video, click here.

(Left to right) Stavros Evangelakakis, Chairman, CCA, and Global Product Manager, Cargolux Airlines; Felix Johannes, Commercial Representative Operations, Lamprecht; Vijan Chetty, CCA Board Director and General Manager, PPECB.

(Left to right) Vijan Chetty, CCA Board Director and General Manager, PPECB; Stavros Evangelakakis, Chairman, CCA and Global Product Manager, Cargolux Airlines; Fabrizio Iacobacci, CCA Board Director andChief of Innovation and Operations Officer, BCUBE Air Cargo Spa; Miguel Rodríguez Moreno, CCA Treasurer and Head of Cargo Products, Qatar Airways.

Working together to improve the temperature-sensitive supply chain to reduce food loss and waste in the perishables sector as well as benefiting the pharma community.

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