'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Sharjah Aviation Services

Sharjah Aviation Services is one of the largest air service providers in the region, offering ground, passenger, cargo handling and distribution to all clients operating from Sharjah, online and offline. As handling agent we operate the cargo terminal with a floor area of over 24’000 square meters for cargo handling with the right mix of technology as well as over 8’800 square meters of forwarders and agents’ warehouse floor.

Freighter aircraft parking bays are conveniently located just a few meters away from the facilities, enabling availability timings from on-block to on-the-road of about 60 minutes, which especially for express operators and integrators has proved to be invaluable.

Our Road Feeder Services are continuously being enhanced, providing currently 25 rollerbed trucks with a capacity of each 4 x 10Ft Q7 ULD which includes monitored temperature controlled units.