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Seatrade adds 4,000 new Star Cool reefers

Seatrade adds 4,000 new Star Cool reefers

Antwerp, Belgium: Seatrade is expanding its reefer container fleet with 4,000 new Star Cool Integrated reefers.


Star Cool reefers being loaded onto Seatrade Orange in the port of Qingdao

The order of 4,000 new Star Cool Integrated reefers from Maersk Container Industry will reinforce Seatrade’s perishable and sensitive cargo logistics, where durable and cutting-edge reefer technology is playing a vital role. Seatrade has the world’s largest specialised reefer fleet.

“The vast majority of our cargo is perishable fruit and vegetables requiring chilled mode transportation with narrow variations in temperature and monitoring of food preservation”, said Yntze Buitenwerf, chairman, Seatrade.

“In addition, energy efficiency, whole life costs and long-term operational value are critical to our operations. To ensure these parameters are met, we carried out extensive field test trials and carefully analysed performance.”

All new reefer containers from Maersk Container Industry will be the Star Cool Integrated version with the Automatic Ventilation system. A large number of units will also be installed with the Controlled Atmosphere  system, with the option of upgrading the remaining reefers if demand for longer transportations of certain types of perishable cargo increases.

The order is valued at $55m and expected to be completed by December 2016.