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Real-Time Event Monitoring to Improve Quality of Perishables

Real-Time Event Monitoring to Improve Quality of Perishables

CCA Members Cool Chain Group, Rungis Express and Xtreme Technologies have worked closely together to test a state-of-the-art technology solution to monitor and manage reefer trucks and trailers with 3 separate temperature chambers - in real time - across Europe.

In order to improve quality, the advanced software solution continuously scans all events and provides real-time information on any irregularities that may affect the deliveries of these valuable shipments.

The Challange

In the distribution of luxury and exclusive food products, the control of temperature during ‘the last mile’ is crucial.

Although new drivers are trained well, it’s easy to make a mistake. A truck might be insufficiently pre-cooled or set to the wrong temperature.

As reefer transportation is outsourced to partners more frequently, quality control of their remote activities is difficult and never timely.

The impact on customer satisfaction and brand image are significant. Not knowing what’s going on is a problem.

The Goal

Customers are not interested in where trucks are, they want to know when their shipment will arrive and if their products have been treated according to specification during the journey. The goal for Rungis and CCG was therefor to create real-time visibility through-out the supply chain. 

An intelligent system that continuously monitors all the events and alerts staff will improve business agility and help achieve the high quality goals set. This should result in a systematic decrease in damage or loss of products, late deliveries and claims.

The Solution

It was decided to test Xtreme Technologies’ TradeLink solution that enables job and fleet operations management, communication with drivers and real-time monitoring of vehicle locations and status of the 3 temperature chambers.

The platform can be further enriched with information from returnable transport items and products using (2D) bar-codes, RFID and sensor networks.

For Rungis, CCG and their business partners this means they can now create an integral view of their deliveries and be pro-actively notified in case of relevant business events, improving quality and creating results that matter.


Cool Chain Group is a global network of operations dedicated to managing the supply chain of temperature sensitive goods. CCG employs industry experts whose job is to monitor every step of your supply chains.

Rungis Express is one of the leading trading companies for luxury and exclusive food articles for the upper class gastronomic and hotel market in Germany. RUNGIS is part of the Cool Chain Group (“CCG”).

Xtreme Technologies is a highly innovative company that develops state-of-the-art solutions in order to ‘Link the World to the Web’.

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