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Rail Transportation of Floriculture Products

Rail Transportation of Floriculture Products

GreenRail, an initiative of FloraHolland/VGB executed by Jan de Rijk Logistics, organizes rail transportation of floriculture products via conventional rail links. Rail transportation is highly suitable for the ornamental plant and flower industry for long-distance travel. It’s cheaper and the CO2 emissions are up to 50% less.

This innovation shows that rail transport is a reliable, more efficient, cleaner and cheaper alternative for the transportation of floricultural products.

The Challange

The distribution of floriculture products like plants is under pressure because of rising costs of road transport, the increasing limits around driving and resting times and the increase in road traffic jams.

With a strong commitment to sustainability and a drive to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, traditional truck and trailer transport needs to be re-evaluated.

The Goal

The main goal is to investigate if transportation by rail can offer a solution for the growing demand of durable entrepre-neurship by retail and wholesale organizations, the jamming infrastructure and the long–time raising fuel prices.

At the same time extend the borders of accessibility and show that transport by rail is a reliable, efficient, cleaner and cheaper alternative for horticultural logistics.

The objectives of Greenrail are:

  • Lower transportation costs
  • No congestion and related restrictions due to rest– and driving times
  • Environmentally friendly transportation (–50% C02)
  • Larger possible market
  • Solution for the expected shortage of truck drivers 

The Solution

Instead of trucking plants directly from an exporter to stores, they go in specialized reefer containers and off to a rail terminal where they are loaded onto a train. The train transports the plants to a rail terminal in another country. There the plants are unloaded and loaded onto a truck, which will then transport them to stores at various locations.

The concept has proven to be very successful and is getting other companies’ attentions. At this moment containers are transported by rail to Italy and Poland.


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