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June 29, 2022
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Blerta Lataj

Boston, USA – based Tive has developed trackers that transmit real-time shipment data across all modes, including temperature and humidity readings. 

Tive’s single-use and multi-use trackers can stream location and condition information for any food or perishables shipment. 

“Having accurate, real-time temperature tracking helps companies manage and maintain their stability budgets,” said Blerta Lataj, Referral Partner Manager at Tive. 

“Real-time, hyper specific location tracking is Tive’s bread and butter, and this service is vital for managing time-critical shipments.” 

“We are very happy to become a member of CCA and strongly believe that the values and mission of CCA closely align with our solutions for temperature and time-critical shipments of perishables and the pharma sector.” 

Blerta has written a short article to introduce Tive. 

The best way to ship perishables is to have end-to-end shipment condition visibility, but what that means for your organization depends on the products you are shipping. If you are shipping frozen foods, for example, the temperature of your shipments may be the only condition you need to track. Meanwhile, a company shipping inks and dyes might be far more concerned with monitoring the light exposure of their shipments than any other condition. 

With that said, the types of shipment condition visibility that retailers shipping perishable products might need to track — and, subsequently, the types of shipment condition visibility provided by Tive’s hyper-accurate location and condition trackers — include: 

  • Temperature Monitoring – Any product that must be stored in specific temperature conditions needs to have its temperature carefully monitored throughout the supply chain. 
  • Shock Monitoring – Fragile products that are prone to damage from hard impacts need to be monitored for shock absorption to determine when such an impact occurs. 
  • Humidity Monitoring – Wood, fabric, and various other materials can be damaged by excess humidity, making humidity levels an important factor to monitor for some retail companies. 
  • Light Exposure Monitoring – Certain pharmaceutical products, along with products such as film and ink, must be kept out of direct sunlight, making light exposure an important factor in monitoring these products. 

Tive’s industry-leading hyper-accurate location and condition trackers enable retail companies shipping perishable products to track all of the conditions outlined in the previous section in real-time from a single user-friendly dashboard. Simply placing one of these trackers in your cargo container puts the power of complete shipment condition visibility at your fingertips. 

Along with allowing you to monitor the condition of your products in real-time, Tive’s trackers also send immediate alerts anytime a container’s conditions drift outside the limits you choose. This feature makes it easy to pinpoint cargo that might have incurred damage and, in some cases, enables shippers to fix the issue before damage occurs. 

In addition to providing complete shipment condition visibility, Tive’s trackers also make it easy to track the hyper-accurate location and status of your shipments in real-time, providing reliable track and trace capabilities to go along with complete shipment condition visibility—it’s everything needed to ensure you have the best way to ship perishables. 

The Best Way to Ship Perishables? Partner with Tive! 

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