Member Spotlight: SkyCell AG on Sustainable Pharma Transport

September 28, 2023
Member Spotlight: SkyCell AG on Sustainable Pharma Transport image
Nicola Caristo, Secretary General, CCA and Senior Quality Manager, SkyCell AG.

Nicola Caristo, Senior Quality Manager and Secretary General of the Cool Chain Association, and Chiara Venuti, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, both from SkyCell AG, recently shed light on the sustainable challenges facing the pharmaceutical supply chain and the innovative technologies that are helping to address these challenges in a presentation at Airfreight Pharma.

SkyCell serves pharmaceutical supply chains with temperature-controlled hybrid containers and advanced technological solutions which are designed to safeguard the integrity of medicines, as well as protect the environment.

Sustainability: A Top Priority for Pharma

Sustainability has taken a prominent place on the pharmaceutical industry’s strategic agenda as the sector acknowledges its role in contributing to environmental challenges. When it comes to transportation, the numbers are stark: a single pharmaceutical transport can be responsible for emitting up to 8 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), equivalent to the emissions from driving four cars for an entire year.

In their presentation ‘Packaging Solutions’, Caristo and Venuti emphasised several key strategies for optimising the sustainability of air-freight pharmaceutical transport:

Choose the Right Pharma Container: Selecting the appropriate container foryour pharmaceutical product and shipment size is crucial. SkyCell offers temperature-controlled hybrid containers that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.

Maximise Space: Make the most of the available space within your pharmaceutical container. This minimises the need for additional transports and reduces emissions.

Optimise Pallet Size: Align the pallet size with the pharma container size to eliminate wasted space and enhance efficiency.

Embrace Loose-Loading: Whenever possible, opt for loose-loading to maximise container space and reduce the need for additional shipments.

Forge Partnerships: Collaborate with partners and stakeholders to reduce empty transports, thereby cutting down on unnecessary emissions.

Consider Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF): Transitioning to SAF can result in an 80% reduction in emissions compared to traditional aviation fuels. By using SAF and implementing other sustainable practices, companies can work toward completely eliminating the remaining emissions from air-freight logistics.

A Sustainable Future for Pharma Transport:

Caristo and Venuti highlighted that the pharmaceutical industry’s journey toward sustainability is gaining momentum. By optimising air-freight pharmaceutical transport, choosing the right containers, and embracing sustainable practices like SAF, the industry can look forward to a future where pharmaceutical supply chains are both efficient and environmentally responsible.

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