Member spotlight – Robust, Reliable, Reusable: Delivering pharmaceuticals to patients safely and efficiently

February 21, 2022
Member spotlight – Robust, Reliable, Reusable: Delivering pharmaceuticals to patients safely and efficiently image

In the face of an ever-changing, turbulent pharmaceutical supply chain where demand is only increasing, stakeholders continue to require robust, reliable, reusable cold storage solutions, to provide effective temperature sensitive control to protect the integrity of pharmaceutical products.

The baseline requirement for pharmaceutical logistics is that products should arrive on time, undamaged and with no temperature excursions.

Choosing the most appropriate cold chain solution makes all the difference.

At Tower, our critical objective is to improve the quality and consistency of pharmaceutical deliveries across the market.

We achieve this through innovative structural design of our passive containers, meaning products are transported without the need for in-transit manual intervention.

Our containers are intended to perform in all supply chains, regardless of transport type or environment – ensuring product integrity for patients and pharmaceutical businesses alike.

When shipping temperature sensitive products, it is vital to have a reliable packaging partner who can ensure each container will deliver the correct performance for every shipment.

Here reliability is key, and all Tower containers offer 120 hours temperature compliance in any environment, anywhere in the world.

Data downloaded from over 15,000 shipments has demonstrated fewer than 0.1% of temperature excursions on average, a vital indicator in the maintenance of the cold chain.

Focusing on delivering a consistent customer outcome whatever the location is always a priority and manufacturers will indeed source freight from those who have the most optimised supply chain networks.

Those who can offer customers a network of fully stocked hubs located across multiple countries provide the proximity and availability required by today’s global supply chains.

The increased pressure for greener supply chain management within the pharmaceutical industry is also forcing many to reassess their processes.

Reusable storage containers have rapidly grown to become a favoured method for sustainable medical logistics.

By providing a multi-use solution they offer a substantially reduced environmental profile, simply by the fact that they stay in market circulation for a longer time, thereby decreasing the amount of packaging waste produced.

Clearly, all players in the cold chain have a role to play in sustainability and by ensuring our containers are both robust and reusable we are contributing to our customers circular supply-chain ambitions.

Indeed, it is the overall combination of delivering robust, reliable, reusable cold storage solutions, that customers value most in today’s global supply network and one that drives our focus within Tower Cold Chain.

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