CCA AGM presentation highlights in Rome, Italy – 6th July 2022

July 13, 2022
CCA AGM presentation highlights in Rome, Italy – 6th July 2022 image
Lucien Jansen at the CCA AGM in Rome, Italy, 2022

The Cool Chain Association held its AGM in Rome on the 6th July 2022, attracting key industry leaders to share their latest reports and updates within the cool chain and logistics industry.

The event attracted speakers from Brussels Airport, Challenge Group, Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB) and Tive Inc.

A summary of the highlights from the event are presented below.

Brussels Airport’s new Perishable Management app to reduce waste and deliver transparency

Sam Quintelier, Cargo Business Development Manager, Brussels Airport attended CCA’s AGM to demonstrate the new Perishable Management App developed to tackle wastage, and increase transparency between airline cargo handlers, freight forwarders and authorities.

The main benefits of the app include a streamlined document exchange, real time tracking and clear and customisable overview of all shipments.

Challenge Group presents new label for Perishables shipments trial results

The results of Challenge Group’s new perishables shipments label test, detailing both commodity and temperature readings for packaging perishables shipments, were presented by Israel Amsterdamer, Vertical & Project Operation Manager, CAL Cargo Airlines.

Feedback was largely positive from both handlers and warehouse operators who trialled the new label for perishables shipments between Belgium and Israel.

“Challenge Group and CCA see the bigger picture – solving a very real problem, saving costs in the long run, and playing an important part in stopping food loss.” said Israel Amsterdamer.

The benefits of the new labelling initiative, focussing on reducing waste and increasing efficiency, are key to the CCA’s vision.

Lucien Jansen, CEO, PPECB shares his insights about the Perishables industry and digitisation

Lucien Jansen, CEO of Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB), South Africa’s official perishable produce export certification agency, was warmly welcomed to the AGM.

Lucien gave an update on the function of the PPECB, its challenges, ongoing plans and digitalisation programme.

He emphasised the importance of patience when implementing internal change, outlining the need to weigh up the benefits of digitalisation against initial resistance and set up costs.

Brice Marion explains how Tive brings tangible change to the supply chain industry with its real-time visibility trackers

Brice Marion, Sales Director of CCA’s latest member Tive presented informed delegates of the benefits of end-to-end visibility of shipments with the use of Tive’s trackers and cloud platform to give real-time updates on location, condition, and security of products.

Brice focussed on the importance of combining the past, present and future when analysing a shipments journey in order to mitigate damage and loss.

Tive brings its expertise in real-time visibility to bridge the gap in supply chain transparency and reduce waste, in line with CCA’s core objective.

Chiara Venuti, Skycell spoke on the importance of a stronger female presence in logistics and plans to shake up representation on the CCA board

Chiara Venuti, Business Development Director and Airline Partner, Skycell, described the need for greater female representation at Pharma events.

Chiara described the continued lack of diversity in the industry and how this represented both an anachronistic approach and a missed opportunity.

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