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Cool Chain Association

New Risk Management Committee launched

February 17, 2022
New Risk Management Committee launched image

We have launched our first project under the Technical Committee Programme, which aims is to assist, analyse, study, and manage critical points affecting product quality along the cool chain, as well as developing standards, and initiating projects.

Under the sponsorship of our Board member Eric Mauroux, the Risk Management Committee includes shipper, airline, and forwarder members, led by Stefan Braun, Managing Director of SmartCAE.

“The group will focus on developing digital risk management strategies in order to move towards more efficient and smarter pharma and perishable supply chains,” said Mauroux, 

“We will identify case studies to help us adapt solutions, which are cost-effective and sustainable, as key drivers to reducing the risk of waste.”

Committee members include: Rogier Rook, Logistics Director, Nature’s Pride; Kamil Rarak, Special Cargo Product Development and Training Manager; LOT Polish Airline; and, Xavier Ripoll, Sales and Marketing Director, Able Freight, with a pharmaceutical company due to join soon.

“We need to collect the right information and bring trust to the table so that we can come up with smart cost-effective solutions,

understand the actual cost of inefficiencies and move away from over engineered solutions,” said Mauroux.

“CCA is a neutral party that can help reconcile the virtual world with real historical data and develop positive solutions where the total cost reflects what is needed to get the job done.”

Under the Technical Committee program, CCA members who are not Board members can volunteer to become Project Coordinators, responsible for the facilitation of initiatives and the proposal of final solutions to the Board. If you have a project in mind, please contact  cca@meantime.global

Picture caption: Pictured left to right top Kamil Rarak, Special Cargo Product Development and Training Manager, LOT Polish Airlines; Rogier Rook, Logistics Director, Nature’s Pride; left to right bottom Stefan Braun, Managing Director, SmartCAE; Xavier Ripoll, Sales and Marketing Director, Able Freight; and Eric Mauroux, CCA Board member and President of Freshbizdev.

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Working together to improve the temperature-sensitive supply chain to reduce food loss and waste in the perishables sector as well as benefiting the pharma community.

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