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Nagel expands food logistics in Czech Republic

Nagel expands food logistics in Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic: Nagel Česko has opened its new food logistics centre in Říčany-Jažlovice.


Nagel Česko has opened its new food logistics centre in Říčany-Jažlovice

The 5,200sq metre logistics site is close to the existing main branch, on a logistics park directly on the D1 motorway, around eleven kilometres south east of Prague.

“We have grown by around 10% in each of the past three years – in both existing business and with new customers. So our previous capacity was no longer sufficient,” saysJan Hyťha, managing director, Nagel Česko.

The Czech subsidiary of the Versmold-based Nagel-Group has expanded its warehousing capacity by around 4,600 square metres, and 5,900 pallet spaces.

According to Jan Hyt’ha: “The facility is designed as a storage facility for dry goods, because the volume of business in product segments such as wine, spirits and preserves has significantly increased, and requires corresponding warehousing and transshipment capacity.”

The new building was constructed by Prologis in the Prologis Park Prague D1 East in only five months. The same project developer had erected the 13,700sq metre logistics building when the Nagel-Group launched in the Czech market in 2004, at the same time as the main branch in Prologis Park Prague D1 West.

In a statement the company said: “With the opening of the new Logistics Centre, Nagel Česko has also created 30 new jobs. The number of employees will therefore increase to 180 in total, providing smooth handling of warehousing, logistics and transport services on the three sites in Říčany-Jažlovice and Želatovice. As part of a national groupage network, various shipment sizes are bundled together for quick and efficient delivery – including distribution in Slovakia. International transport of loads for both import and export is also undertaken.

“To enable it to cope with this growth in capacity, Nagel Česko has also continuously developed its fleet. Today, around 60 to 70% of transport is handled with its own 38 vehicles. On top of this number, the food logistics provider has a fleet of up to 70 vehicles available to it from external companies, most of whom are long-standing partners. The temperature range in which Nagel Česko provides all its services goes from zero to plus 21 degrees, and covers the four core areas of ultra-fresh, fresh, ambient and dry goods.

“The frozen segment (minus 18 degrees or colder) is not currently offered in the Czech Republic, but remains an option if specifically requested. ”Next year, however, we plan initially to further expand refrigeration capacity at our sites,” says Jan Hyt’ha. “Over the next two years we expect further growth, which will probably also be in the order of 10%. With the measures taken, we will be well equipped to cope with this.”

• Nagel-Group, based in Versmold provides food logistics and employs over 11,000 people at 100 locations in 16 countries.  The company has revenues of €1.7bn.