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Merger of AcuTemp and CSafe

Merger of AcuTemp and CSafe

On Monday, October 8, 2012, AcuTemp announced the acquisition of CSafe from AmSafe Inc. and the merger of AcuTemp and CSafe into one company – CSafe.

As a result of this merger, the new company will become the only global provider of a full line of cold chain solutions including packaging, passive systems, active systems, with both airline and non-airline approval, and will be the world’s largest producer of actively controlled mobile refrigeration units for life sciences, healthcare, military and international disaster relief agencies.

This acquisition marks the end of the successful AcuTemp and AmSafe joint venture that was established in 2008 to develop a temperature-controlled management solution for the air cargo industry for the movement of temperature-sensitive products utilizing the AcuTemp thermal technology. AmSafe has been a wonderful partner and CSafe benefited greatly from their involvement in the joint venture.

CSafe and AcuTemp have always shared common business cultures, goals, missions, and visions, and our new organization is a comprehensive combination of product, people and service. The company name will be CSafe and it will continue to offer the CSafe, AcuTemp and ThermoCor branded products.

The new company is founded on solid principles and will continue to offer quality products and services, centered on sincerity and business integrity, to ensure successful shipments of our customer's products. As the largest global total cold chain solution provider, we will continue to uphold our reputation for excellence, which is at the heart of our business and will guide our growth. We have meticulously planned this merger to ensure a seamless transition that will enhance our high standards of customer service.

All contact details for staff are currently unchanged, although the new company will be located at our current corporate headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. We will, of course, keep you informed prior to any changes that may occur during the merger of the two businesses.

I have had the pleasure of leading both CSafe and AcuTemp as CEO and President since 2008 and it was clear from the beginning that the goal was to create a company that could provide our global life science customers a full line of both active and passive cold chain solutions.

This is the start of an exciting phase of expansion for our business. We will continue to provide you with updates on our website and in our news bulletins and E-Quips newsletter. Please do not hesitate to contact me or your current CSafe or AcuTemp representative if you have questions or need further clarification.

Thank you for your valued business,

Brian Kohr,
CSafe CEO and President