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Why You should Join

The CCA is the community for Temperature-Sensitive Supply Chain Professionals, providing Thought Leadership, Networking and Results. 

Key reasons for you to join: 

Tap into the knowledge center for the Cool Chain Industry

  • Discuss, learn and share insights to help establish Healthy Living for all
  • Stay up to date with the latest insights, white papers and research
  • Inspire, get inspired and make a difference 

Join the Networking Events for the Cool Chain Community

  • Meet new people and catch up with old friends, on the web or at our (partner) events
  • Discuss value propositions and develop new business with existing customers or new prospects
  • Stay up to date with developments in related organization like ECSLA, IATA, TIACA etc

Become part of the best-in-class Show Cases

  • Present your projects and learn what others have achieved
  • Improve your results through reducing costs, improved quality and higher profits
  • Be recognized in our Hall of Fame giving you media exposure for quality branding in your company's advertisement campaign

To further grow add value to our members and grow the CCA community, the following proposition was introduced per June 2015:

The CCA organizes 2 events per year and Full Members who paid the (reduced) fee for the first event, can attend the second event of the year free of charge (a different representative is allowed to come to the second event).

CCA members who would like to attend with 3 or more representatives can contact the secretariat to discuss a special offer.

The CCA recognizes 4 types of membership:

  • Full Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Honorary Membership
  • Studious Partner Membership

Full Membership

Full membership is granted to companies, who are actively and directly taking a part in the transportation via air, road, rail or sea of Perishables and Temperature Sensitive Products (PTSP). Each application must have an appointed representative who carries the company’s vote within the association. Only 1 representative is allowed per company. The company may change its representative at any given time, by informing the Board in writing.

If you want to register as a Full Member, click here.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is granted to persons or companies, from any nationality, who are not actively nor directly taking a part in the PTSP transportation industry, but are taking an interest in this industry and wished to explore its possibilities further. AM do not have voting rights at the AGM.

If you want to register as an Associate Member, click here.

Honorary Membership

This title is given to persons, by Invitation only. There are no restrictions as to the qualification of such a Membership but in general HM are given to outstanding persons, who via their status and expertise can give a valuable contribution to the association and the Industry of PTSP in general.

If you want to nominate a member for a Honorary Membership, click here (for members only)

Studious Partner Membership

This type of membership is granted after approval by the Board. PM is directed towards participants from the academic community, including universities, research institutes and others. Also organizations, which CCA wish to work and be associated with, can be granted a PM. Full time students can also benefit from this type of membership.

If you want to register as a Studious Partner Member, click here.

Membership Fees

The following Membership fees were unanimously approved by the members at the AGM on 10th May 2010.

  • Full Membership – 1.500 Euro
  • Associate Membership – 750 Euro
  • Student Membership – No Fee
  • Honorary Membership – No Fee

The Membership fees are reviewed annually at the AGM.

The CCA is established and operates as a non-profit organization. The Membership-fee generates the funds to establish and operate the CCA. Additional revenues are expected from sponsorships as well as income generated from arranging conferences, workshops and events.