'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Member at Large

The Member

  • This position in CCA requires time and commitment.
  • Although the general running of CCA is done via the CCA Secretariat, all problem solving are relayed to the Board via email or phone and requires their approval before executed.
  • Each member must daily answer their emails stating their opinion on various matters, in order to ensure the smooth running of the CCA Secretariat.
  • CCA Board Members meet in person 3-5 times a year for various meetings. Location varies.

Members are required to further the aims of the Association, notably by:

  • Generate new Membership
  • Use of their respective position to create contact and awareness for CCA.
  • Represent CCA to the public, at any time when necessary.

A member position is on an honorary basis and gives no right to any remuneration, so a strong company support behind the mandate, is an advantage.

About Gerton Hulsman ...

Gerton is a Dutch national with over 40 years’ experience in the air cargo industry. He worked for KLM Cargo at various places in the world and gathered experience in Perishable and Pharmaceutical Logistics before changing to the Airport Cargo Handling Sector. 

For almost 10 years now, Gerton is Managing Director of Dusseldorf Airport Cargo, a 100% subsidiary of Dusseldorf Airport. One of their main focusses is to offer first class Pharmaceutical Handling for a myriad of manufacturers of Pharmaceutical products in the State of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW). 

Gerton is married (no children) and lives in Mulheim Ruhr Germany. His pastime is walking his dog, playing tennis and every weekend a fair amount of miles on the racing bike. 

Furthermore he likes to lead his team to ever higher goals and likes to support very much young people, which is absolutely necessary in the Air Cargo Industry.