'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Member at Large

The Member

  • This position in CCA requires time and commitment.
  • Although the general running of CCA is done via the CCA Secretariat, all problem solving are relayed to the Board via email or phone and requires their approval before executed.
  • Each member must daily answer their emails stating their opinion on various matters, in order to ensure the smooth running of the CCA Secretariat.
  • CCA Board Members meet in person 3-5 times a year for various meetings. Location varies.

Members are required to further the aims of the Association, notably by:

  • Generate new Membership
  • Use of their respective position to create contact and awareness for CCA.
  • Represent CCA to the public, at any time when necessary.

A member position is on an honorary basis and gives no right to any remuneration, so a strong company support behind the mandate, is an advantage.

About Fabrizio Iacobacci ...

Fabrizio Iacobacci has been working in the aviation industry since 1998. His experience ranges from passengers and cargo handling activities to legal compliances and business development management at several airports in Italy. Fabrizio has extended his competence in temperature controlled cargo since 2010, when he joined BCUBE air cargo.  

In his role of Head of Pharma Business Development, Fabrizio is the project leader for the specialization of BCUBE air cargo in pharmaceutical logistics and cool chain solutions. He managed the IATA CEIV pharma certification program at FCO and MXP, making BCUBE air cargo one of the first independent handlers in the world to be certified and the first in Italy and in Southern Europe. He worked together with Envirotainer on the Ground Services Award, making BCUBE air cargo the first handler worldwide awarded. 

He presides as co-chairman the Temperatuz event, the first Italian conference fully dedicated to the community of logistics operators and pharmaceutical manufacturers. In his role of ground handling expert, Fabrizio has implemented an airside pharma transport solution, making BCUBE air cargo cool chain services in MXP and FCO the first Italian fully integrated and guaranteed. 

Fabrizio is a board member of the Cool Chain Association and member of the IATA Time and Temperature Task Force. He has a degree in Political Science and an advanced PhD in International Affairs and Economics.