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Kuehne+Nagel and CSafe Pharma deal

Kuehne+Nagel and CSafe Pharma deal

Kuehne+Nagel and CSafe have signed an agreement to enhance Kuehne+Nagel’s pharmaceutical supply chain service.

As part of the agreement, CSafe RKN will be added to Kuehne+Nagel’s health care product portfolio. Csafe president Brian Kohr said Csafe is “happy to provide services to Kuehne+Nagel for their expanded KN PharmaChain product offering. ”

Kuehne+Nagel’s KN PharmaChain offers four service levels depending on the grade of specific temperature control requirements and special handling demands for general cargo as well as temperature sensitive shipments.

The KN PharmaChain network, which comprises GXP compliant stations around the world also features full risk assessments of carrier partners and trade lanes, SOP for every shipment, CareTeam, an electronic alert system and the optional real-time temperature transmission en-route into KN Login, the company says.

Kuehne+Nagel air logistics products and services vice president Marcel Fujike says “With embedding the CSafe container into our KN PharmaChain service offer, we are ensuring that our clients can take advantage of the CSafe RKN container reliability linked into a GXP compliant door-to-door process.”

About CSafe:

On Monday, October 8, 2012, AcuTemp announced the acquisition of CSafe from AmSafe Inc. and the merger of AcuTemp and CSafe into one company – CSafe.

As a result of this merger, the new company will become the only global provider of a full line of cold chain solutions including packaging, passive systems, active systems, with both airline and non-airline approval, and will be the world’s largest producer of actively controlled mobile refrigeration units for life sciences, healthcare, military and international disaster relief agencies.