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Kuehne + Nagel introduces real-time temperature control in airfreight

Kuehne + Nagel introduces real-time temperature control in airfreight

As part of its KN PharmaChain product, Kuehne + Nagel has introduced newly developed active wireless sensors which record and transmit the temperature of pharmaceutical airfreight shipments along the entire supply chain.

The use of active wireless sensors is a major achievement in the segment of seamless airfreight cold chains for pharmaceutical products.

Generally, security rules prohibit the active use of mobile sensors during air transport. However, together with a number of airline partners, Kuehne + Nagel thoroughly tested low-emission devices which can stay active during the flight so that the temperature is being constantly measured and reported practically in real-time.

Kuehne + Nagel are the first logistics company to provide this service to customers from the pharmaceutical and health care industry. In order to guarantee seamless temperature visibility from pick-up to delivery of the cargo, warehouses and logistics facilities both of Kuehne + Nagel and its airline partners will be equipped with transmitting technology. The same applies to pre-and-on-carriage vehicles. The service is part of a comprehensive package of new tailor-made airfreight offerings to the pharmaceutical industry. Full transparency is provided to customers as the temperature indications can be viewed directly inside the KN Login online tool.