'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Jacobs University

Workgroup Systems Management

Allocated in the department of International Logistics, workgroup Systems Management headed by Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann focuses on the management of technology-driven networks. One of our major research areas is thereby the organisation, strategy, and management of cold chain networks for food and pharmaceuticals. 

Thereby, we maintain dialogue with basically three groups:

Industrial dialogue:

  • contract research, e.g. studies on challenges in food or pharmaceutical logistics
  • joint projects, e.g. acquisition of funds for pilot studies on performance improvements in food supply chains
  • consulting, e.g. for customer communication of food catering services

Science dialogue:

  • research on e.g. organizational causes for disruptions in food supply chains
  • trans-disciplinary research on e.g. autonomous cooperation in logistics
  • publishing and presenting research results, e.g. on strategic positioning of Logistics Service Providers

Education dialogue:

  • teaching students in strategic management in logistics
  • fostering student’s dialogue with the industry at conferences or company trips
  • training executives in decision-making methods

Workgroup Systems Management of Professor Dr. Michael Hülsmann (middle)