'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'


Driving HealthCare via the cold chain

From the very beginning, we have worked side by side with the pharmaceutical industry in order to guarantee a transport process that meets the sector’s high standards of quality. We have more than 25 years experience of making deliveries in the pharmaceutical and healthcare channel.  We have special resources that give their products the added value of reliable delivery under the best conditions, adapted to the service provided.

Services for Pharmaceutical sector

For this reason, we provide exclusive services for the industry:

FRIOFARMA (+2 and +8ºC): Designed for thermolabile products that require rigorous temperature control: Vaccines, diagnostics, cancer medicines, insulin, and any kind of sensitive product that also requires temperature control during transport to the dispensary and/or pharmacy in accordance with the instructions given by the laboratory’s technical management.

FARMA<25º: Guarantees product stability and avoids sharp changes in temperature, or unacceptably high temperatures, during the logistics processes involved in distribution in a country with different climatic zones, and where for 6 months of the year the temperatures recorded in conventional transport networks can easily reach more than 60ºC.

Integra2’s exclusive services for the pharmaceutical sector guarantee that the medicines being transported are safe, secure and protected from unacceptably high or low temperatures.

Cold Chain Management

Integra2 Pharma carries out the different activities involved in temperature-controlled transport. Its temperature-controlled fleet and warehousing allow it to track the temperature of the shipment and offer a temperature-controlled delivery service with the widest distribution network in Spain, Andorra and Portugal.

Since 2007, the Integra2 cold chain has been validated and certified according to the CCQI industry standard (Cold Chain Quality Indicator) by Germanischer Lloyd. This recognized industry standard is the only one that validates performance annually in refrigerated warehouses and in the transport and distribution network.  Since then, we have constantly improved our cold chain processes thanks to measurement (annually we record more than 300.000 temperatures per day) and the application of warning and alarm protocols in order to prevent the cold chain from being broken.  

Integra2 has adopted the GDPs (Good Pharmaceutical Distribution Practices) demanded by the laboratories’ technical and quality management teams and also makes its working procedures available to them so that they can carry out their own direct audits.

In 2011 and 2012, more than 30.500 hours were invested in cold chain improvement projects, more than 900 RFID data loggers, black boxes with GPS and dual temperature trailers were installed, allowing more than 100 million temperatures to be registered per year. In addition to giving special attention to the cold chain by means of an internal team of auditors and process controllers, Integra2 has noted an increase in the number of audits carried out by laboratories each year. Its cold chain has received the Cold Chain Quality Indicator standard accreditation and its FRIOFARMA service was certified by Qualipharma. 

FARMA<25º service offers the online temperature graph of the shipment or the temperature graph of each stage of the transportation process. It also offers an alert&alarm system to maintain the shipment between the temperature range that assures the quality standards established by the technical director at the laboratory.

About Integra2

Over 35 years of delivery experience, integra2 is a specialized transport network with 58 delegations in Spain & Portugal. We reach over 150.000 POS everyday and 6,6 Million deliveries per year. Our unique infrastructure at controlled temperature (warehouses, fleet), the cutting-edge technology and our trained team are the key resources for mantaining the cold chain in our activity. Guaranteed quality is essential to the role the cold chain plays in medicine transportation. Integra2 offers an exclusive transport service, dedicated to the needs of wholesalers, hospitals, health centres and pharmacies.

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