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Trust - Your Most Important Quality

By Edwin W. Kalischnig - CEO of Xtreme Technologies BV

“Trust is a statement about what is otherwise unknown - for example, because it is far away, cannot be verified, or is in the future”.

Every day millions of people around the globe eat food or take their drugs, trusting on the purity and quality of the product and the Brands behind them. Any negative outcome due to mishandling of the product throughout the chain can be damaging to the Brand name and the bottom line, so trust in the Brands of the logistics providers is crucial.

Brand Trust just might be the biggest differentiator, the most sustainable competitive advantage that companies can now secure, a key success factor that can not be copied. Studies show that when people trust a brand they Buy more, Try more and Pay more.

So if Brand Trust is the key, how do you establish and grow it?

The key drivers for trust are: 

  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Stability
  • Timeliness

Tell the truth, show what you’re doing, deliver on your promise, bring value beyond your product or service, do it consistently and communicate in a timely manner. These are the key business drivers to establish Brand Trust. Supply Chain Transparency is key in establishing trust and therefore becoming a primary objective for businesses today.

Securing the Cool Chain requires innovation, collaboration and communication, ensuring that each of the critical links in the chain understands product storage and handling requirements. Advanced technologies, to include sensors, RFID and networks are all potential components of an innovative model that will ensure an ongoing ‘portable record’ of each product throughout its lifecycle. Information related to the ‘state’ of the product is critical as remedy and control are required to ensure that product is not compromised.

New technologies can help organisations to strengthen the drivers for trust in their brand. Traceability can help to assure the quality and safety of the Cool Chain, providing rapid, precise recalls and pinpointing underlying causes of contamination. A freshness guarantee for food is possible when temperature and humidity are recorded, from harvest to final sale. For pharmaceuticals this is even more important as variations in temperature and humidity can transform modern medical miracles into useless materials.

Once traceability is in place, companies have precise, detailed historical data about timing, handling, condition and flow of goods. This can be analysed to identify weaknesses (e.g. excess dwell times, incorrect storage) to improve processes and reduce spoilage.

Xtreme Technologies leads the way with advanced technology solutions and is looking forward to discuss how we can help to make your customers buy more, try more and pay more. To learn more, feel free to contact me: