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  • Cool Chain Association Fosters Innovation and Cooperation

    COOL CHAIN ASSOCIATION A.S.B.L. (CCA) - the leading community for Temperature-Sensitive Supply Chain Professionals - has proven to be fertile ground for innovations, developed in an environment of joint collaboration where knowledge is shared and business opportunities are created. During the last meeting of the CCA in Madrid (15-16 Oct 2012) the inefficiencies in (amongst others) the cool air cargo supply chain were discussed.

  • IATA Time & Temperature Sensitive Label Mandatory by 1 July 2012

    Background Today the air cargo industry is using the IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR) as the essential reference guide for all parties involved in the packaging and handling of perishables for air transportation. Chapter 17 “Air Transport Logistics for Time and Temperature Sensitive Healthcare Products” in the PCR specifically addresses the temperature control management issues identified by the industry.  This Chapter provides the requirements for the transportation of time and temp...