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Indian cold storage sites “not up to the mark” for fruit

Indian cold storage sites “not up to the mark” for fruit

Hyderabad, India: Food inspectors in India have pointed out that the quality of cold storage in India is “not up to the mark” and is one of the reasons that 40% of fruit is wasted.

According to an article in the Deccan Chronicle, food inspectors have said that only around 25 out of the 70 cold stores in Hyderabad are functioning properly while others have constant system failures.

“Low temperatures have to be maintained which is not being adequately done and that is leading to losses, said a senior food inspector.

In 2015, India imported 35m tonnes of fruit. The fruit is stored in 6,300 cold stores in and around the country.

According to the senior food inspector, “the quality of storage is not up to the mark and that is one of the prime reasons for spoilage of fruits.

Tarun Arora, a food analyst, said: “There is more wastage of fruits in the southern and western regions of India due to the tropical and humid climate.”

Fruits require low temperatures so places like Telangana state and Gujarat, where temperatures can go above 44ºC, see fruits getting spoiled more often.

The key challenge is in transit of these fruits from one place to another. “While the demand has increased by 30% due to the high cost of transportation and preservation, it is not being completely met,” said Madhu Nair, another food analyst.