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Funds for Chinese perishable storage and transport

Funds for Chinese perishable storage and transport

Shanghai-based perishable storage and delivery start-up Jiuye Supply Chain Management has raised $28m to help it grow, according to a report in the Coolstar. 

Founded in July 2014, Jiuye has swiftly expanded on the back of huge demand for cold chain logistics in China, with the company making over 100,000 last-mile deliveries a day at peak volume. 

Sales director Sandy Tu told the Coolstar Jiuye’s customers included producers of fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and meat. “Most of our customers have a factory and both online and off-line sales channels, so we offer them the entire cold chain logistics service from factory to customer or other sales end-points. 

“We are the first professional B2C cold chain storage service provider in China,” she added. With its 12 cold storage sites, Jiuye delivers to 268 cities across the country and plans to use this latest financing round to build another 22 warehouses this year.