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Full Member

Full membership is granted to companies, who are actively and directly taking a part in the transportation via air, road, rail or sea of Perishables and Temperature Sensitive Products (PTSP). Each application must have an appointed representative who carries the company’s vote within the association. Only 1 representative is allowed per company. The company may change its representative at any given time, by informing the Board in writing.
It is noted that a FM can send several people from their company to attend CCA meetings, however in voting situations only the official appointed representative may vote. Proxy’s can only be issued to other appointed representatives.


All Applicants must fill out the Application Form as laid out and approved by the Board. Applicants must enclose proper documentation with their application, which complies with the rule of direct Involvement in the PTSP transportation industry.

The Board has the widest competence to analyse and make consequent decisions as to the qualification of the applicant for Full Membership. The BOD approves application for Full memberships by majority vote.

FM are required to abide by the Statutes and declare themselves willing to further the aims of CCA and to pay an annual membership fee set at the AGM each year. 

FM are eligible for a seat on the BOD. FM have voting right at the AGM.


The CCA Full Membership fee is € 1.500,- per year

If you would like to sign up as a Full Member of the Cool Chain Association, please fill out the following form: