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FlashLink mini electronic time-temperature indicator

FlashLink mini electronic time-temperature indicator

Pleasanton, California, US: DeltaTrak has launched its new FlashLink Mini Electronic Time-Temperature Indicator.


DeltaTrak’s single-use device that monitors seafood products

Seafood shippers and receivers need to properly monitor the temperature of fresh refrigerated, and vacuum packed products during transport and storage to ensure they have not been exposed to temperature abuse which could cause serious foodborne illness.

DeltaTrak’s FlashLink Mini Electronic TTI is a single-use device that monitors seafood products, helping companies meet FDA guidelines as set forth in the Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance, as well as FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) requirements.

It has a pre-configured threshold of 41˚F/5°C and is set to trigger an alarm if accumulative temperature abuse occurs above this threshold for 4 hours or more.  An immediate pass or fail indication from a flashing green or red LED provides confidence for receivers to make immediate accept or reject decisions on the dock.

According to Frederick Wu, president, “Our FlashLink Mini Electronic TTI helps both shippers and receivers achieve compliance with their seafood HACCP programs. And, unlike a chemical TTI, we can extract temperature data at the end of the trip.”  DeltaTrak offers free post-trip analysis service to review the trip history and pinpoint when out-of-range conditions happened.  This information can be used to settle claim situations by verifying who is responsible based on the time it occurred.

The TTI indicators are mounted on a high-visibility green shipping card with adhesive strips, so it can be attached to the outside of a carton, making it easy to locate when a load arrives.

Supplier, processors and receivers will protect the quality and integrity of their valuable products using the Flashlink Mini Electronic Time-Temperature Indicator, and avoid exposure to the consequences caused by potentially unsafe seafood.