Airfreight Pharma 2022


Grand Hyatt, Athens, Greece

Date & Time

Monday 5th September – Tuesday 6th September 2022

08:00 EEST – 17:00 EEST


Monday 5th September 2022

09.00 – 12.30 Exhibitors’ Set-up and Registration

13.00 – 14.30 Exhibition Opens and Welcome Lunch

14.30 – 17.30 1-2-1 Meetings

14.00 – 15.30 Innovation Showcase Part 1 – (15 minute presentations) Host Chris Notter

  • Session 1 – 14.30 – 14.45 Reinier Danckaarts, VP, Head Product Development Air Logistics, Kuehne + Nagel
  • Session 2 – 14.45 – 15.00 Dirk Goovaerts, Head of Middle East & Africa/Global Cargo Chair, Swissport
  • Session 3 – 15.00 – 15.15 Thomas Schürmann, Head of Cargo Operations & Delivery, Etihad Cargo
  • Session 4 – 15.15 – 15.30 Rich Kilmer, President & CEO, Cargosense
  • Session 5 – 15.30 – 15.45 Bob Rogers, VP & Treasurer, ULD Care
  • Session 6 – 15.45 – 16.00 Marcus Campbell, CTO, Hermes
  • Session 7 – 15.45 – 16.00 Pertti Mero, Chief Executive Officer, Airport College

16.00 – 16.15 Lucas Fernandez, Head of Innovation, Champ

16.15 – 16.30 Raoul Paul, Author, Cargo Community Solutions, CargoHub

16.45 – 17.30 Refreshment Break and Viewing of Exhibition

18.30 – 21.30 Welcome Reception

Tuesday 6th September 2022

08.00 – 17.00  Registration

09.00 – 09.15  Welcome from the Chairman:

Stavros Evangelakakis, Chairman, Cool Chain Association & Head of Global Healthcare, Cargolux

09.15 – 09.30  CCA Overview + Technical Committee
Nicola Caristo, CCA Secretary General & Airline Partner Manager, SkyCell AG

09.30 – 10.30  Industry Relationships – Panel Discussion
Chairs: Gerton Hulsman, CCA Board Director & Commercial Director Commercial Director, Energy in Process GmbH

Standardization is the keyword for airport and pharmaceutical logistics. Both present difficulties because of the stringent regulations involved. But, on the other hand, they are two perfect test beds where concepts like qualification and standardization can be trialled. Operators and producers can establish their mutual needs, limitations, and potentials. No aircraft can take off without disregarding regulation, likewise no pharma can be transported if the prescribed rules are not respected. In this perspective, the industry relationships represent the necessary fundamental background for initiating and promoting technical discussion with the scope of confirmation, development and/or integration of the logistics criteria. Working as a community with shippers, operators and regulators is not an opportunity but the first rule to be respected. CCA, together with other international stakeholders, has taken the lead with a common goal: working together, sharing experiences, and creating common culture on the basis of a real project.


  • Abdullah Bahadır Büyükkaymaz, Special Cargo Product Manager Turkish Cargo
  • Kevin Doran, Global Head of Supply Chain, Tower Cold Chain
  • Nathan De Valck, Head of Cargo, Brussels Airport
  • Marco del Giudice, Co-founder & Vice Chairman, PharmacomItalia

11.00 Refreshment break and Viewing of Exhibition

11.00 – 11.40  Innovation and DigitizationMarket Outlook

Host: Miguel Rodríguez Moreno, CCA Board Director & Senior Manager Climate Control Products, Qatar Airways

Collaboration has been a word used many times without real substance behind it or concrete actions derived from it. It is important that when we talk about collaboration between industry partners, we also showcase what can be accomplished by working together, hand in hand, to improve and enhance our product offering and better serve the industry. In this session, we’ll be able to learn interesting insights from Boeing on the outlook of the cargo business and a real case study presentation on the performance of the aircraft’s temperature-controlled capabilities on a flower flight from South America to Europe. We’ll look also at the technology and connectivity improvements being made with the new B777/XF and have an overview of the special cargo transportation.


  • Christopher Higgs, Regional Marketing Director – Middle East & Africa, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Johnathan Perdoch, Senior Configuration Design Engineer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

11.40 – 12.30  Innovation and Digitization – Panel Discussion

Chair: Miguel Rodríguez Moreno, CCA Board Director & Senior Manager Climate Control Products, Qatar Airways

In today’s world, we can’t escape from technology around us and the constant search for faster, better, and bigger communication capabilities, in all aspects of our lives and our businesses. Companies need to adapt fast to the new applications and new demands in order to stay relevant and at the forefront of the digitization initiatives. In this session, we will have a diverse panel composed by different industry experts who will share their vision on how innovation and digitization is being applied in the industry and what the trends are for the foreseeable future. There will be perspectives from the ground and cargo operations, tracking and monitoring angles on this topic with specific examples on how these initiatives are contributing to improve the overall performance of the business.


  • Sudeep Narayan, Director Commercial Operations and Products, Etihad Cargo
  • Charles Bourbonnais, CEO, Hive-ZOX International
  • Michael Zach, VP Sales Finance, Cargo Ground Handling and Cargo Operations, Vienna Airport Pharma Handling Centre
  • Svilen Rangelov, Co-founder and CEO, Dronamics

12.30 – 13.15 Packaging – Presentations

Host: Stavros Evangelakakis, Chairman, Cool Chain Association & Head of Global Healthcare, Cargolux

Many pharma products are often highly sensitive to temperature changes. If not packed properly to control the temperature, medicines can often be rendered useless. Hear how the packaging and container companies are working with the industry to create the right cold chain packaging solutions.


  • Olivier Mary, Director of Development and Supply Chain Projects, Colca-MS
  • Christine Klemmer, Head of Business and Portfolio Development, Jettainer GmbH

13.15 – 14.30  Lunch with Industry Friends and Viewing of Exhibition

14.30 – 14.40 Welcome from the Chairman

Stavros Evangelakakis, Chairman, Cool Chain Association

14.40 – 15.25  Risk Management – Panel discussion
Chair: Nicola Caristo, Secretary General, Cool Chain Association & Senior Quality Manager, SkyCell AG

We all know how Risk Management is a must-have tool for every organization doing business worldwide. This is more relevant for all stakeholders involved in the air freight industry considering the extension and the well-known complexity of the air cargo supply chain. Identifying, assessing, and controlling threats and risks is a key factor to guarantee reliable and successful operation, to enhance the quality of service and to drive change. In this session, we’re going to share our Risk Management approach and methodology as per the dedicated CCA Technical Committee project results.

The following points will be part of our panel discussion:

  • main differences between Pharma Products and other temperature-controlled shipments
  • major critical points along a typical door to door lane
  • how to use KPIs and data
  • the value of community approach
  • the role of association and regulators

All mentioned points will be discussed as per Pharma Company, Airlines and Freight Forwarders point of view with the precious support of TIVE as key solution provider operating with temperature data and IATA as the most important Air Cargo Association and regulator. 


  • Andy Faes – Regional Manager Healthcare Vertical Europe, Expeditors
  • Francisco Rizzuto, Cargo Specialist Manager EU, UK, Turkey, Ukraine, Israel, Russia & CIS, IATA
  • Alex Guillen, Sales Director – Life Science and Pharma – Europe, Tive
  • Hay Sasson, Chief Operating Officer, Challenge Group

15.25 – 16.15  Data Sharing Proof of concept – What do we do with data after sharing?

Since Henry Ford introduced his assembly line at the beginning of the twentieth century, this has brought huge improvement in effectiveness to this day. Production workers have become 50 times more productive. When it comes to collecting and especially recording data, we have a completely different story to tell. Since the internet became accessible to many in 1972, we have had to deal with not less but more work. Everyone is trying to make their pearl, but it’s still hard to make a necklace out of it, no matter how much we’d like to. In the next session, our speakers will open the veil to find new avenues that lead to better handling of our data and migrating to a shared reality using Blockchain, among others.

Chairs: Gerton Hulsman, CCA Board Director & Commercial Director Commercial Director, Energy in Process GmbH


  • Paul Bessems, Founder & Chairman, Weconomics Foundations
  • Eelco de Jong, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Validaide
  • Frank Schulze, Senior Advisor Marketing & Sales, Mytigate

16.15 – 17:15  Sustainability
Chair: Emma Murray, CEO & Founder, Meantime Communications

There is a need to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet we live on as the climate change is rapidly deteriorating our natural habitats and creating severe issues in different regions of the world in terms of extreme weather conditions, desertification and loss of wildlife. What can the air cargo industry do to reduce the impact of our operations to the environment? What initiatives are currently being implemented? What tangible results can we see so far? And finally, what is the path to continue reducing the damage we are collectively causing to the Earth?


  • Michael Hegglin, Global Sustainability Manager, Skycell AG
  • Gianluca Marcangelo, Senior Manager Cargo Transformation, Challenge Group
  • Katharina Tyrakowski, Senior Manager Global LogisticsPerformance, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

17:15 – 17:30 Closing of the Conference from The Chairman

17:30 – 18.30  Refreshment break and Viewing of Exhibition

19.00 – Meet in The Hotel Lobby: Coaches will be departing for Networking Dinner

22.30 – Coaches will be departing Back to The Hotel




stavros evangelakakis cca

Stavros Evangelakakis

Global Product Manager, Healthcare and Perishables, Cargolux Airlines and CCA Chairman
Stavros Evangelakakis has 30 years’ experience in the air cargo industry working in various departments at Cargolux. Evangelakakis has held previous roles in export, reservations, sales, marketing, cooperating marketing. Prior to his current title of Global Product Manager for Healthcare/Perishables, Evangelakakis was sales Manager Europe, M East and C Asia for 9 years. He is the Chairman of the Cool Chain association.
stavros evangelakakis cca

Gerton Hulsman

Founder and Commercial Director, Energy in Process GmbH and CCA Member

Gerton is a Dutch national with 35 years of experience in the air cargo industry. He worked for KLM Cargo at various places in the world and gathered experience in perishable and pharmaceutical logistics before changing to the airport cargo handling sector. Gerton was the Managing Director of Dusseldorf Airport Cargo for 12 years, a 100% subsidiary of Dusseldorf Airport. One of their main focuses is to offer first class pharmaceutical handling for a myriad of manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in the State of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW). Since his retirement from Dusseldorf Airport in 2020, Gerton founded Energy in Process GmbH, where he consults for the air cargo community.


nicola caristo cca speaker

Nicola Caristo

Airline Partner Manager, SkyCell and CCA Secretary General
Nicola has worked in the air cargo industry for over 20 years, and has been involved in many different areas, roles, and projects within ground handling activities. After ten years in Cargo Operations, Nicola became Quality & Risk Manager and then Security TAPA Asset Protection Project Manager. When IATA developed and launched CEIV Pharma and CEIV Fresh standards, Nicola was chosen to be the group coordinator for both certifications and business development activities for all related products as Pharma & Special Products Development Manager in Alha Group. In 2020 Nicola became Airline Partner Manager at SkyCell AG.
Vijan Chetty

Vijan Chetty

General Manager, PPECB and CCA Member

Vijan Chetty is the current General Manager of the Coastal Division within the Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB). He has fulfilled various roles within the PPECB since he joined in 1998. His current responsibilities include the management of product quality inspections, cold chain services, protocols and standards for cold chain, export certification, phytosanitary certification and research and innovation.

Frank Schulze

Frank Schulze

Senior Advisor Marketing & Sales, Mytigate

Frank has more than 30 years of experiences in Health Care Industry and in Consulting. He has been involved in many different areas, roles, and projects within the Pharma supply chain activities. Frank is work at Senior Advisor at Mytigate. Mytigate is a state-of the art, fully digital platform that helps pharmaceutical companies to comply with GDP guidelines, bringing together all aspects of a digital lane risk assessment.

Prior to his current activities he was responsible for the Global Contract Manufacturing at Merck and later at P&G Consumer Health. In addition, he had the position as Managing Director P&G Health Germany GmbH (Consumer Goods).  He secured the strategic set up of the Contract Manufacturer (CM) network and Supply Chain.

Gianluca Marcangelo

Gianluca Marcangelo

Senior Manager Cargo Transformation, Challenge Group
Gianluca Marcangelo began his career in the freight forwarding industry in 1998 taking care of the AOG product. In 2000 he moved to the current Italian branch of Global GSA Group under the tenure of Head of Operations managing several global accounts. In 2015 he moved to Oman Air HQ in Muscat where he held the position of Manager Customer Service first, then was promoted to Manager Special Products and Digital Innovation, leading one of the first community approach in our industry to the CEIV Pharma and Fresh certification process and the eAWB implementation. In 2021 he joined the Challenge Group as Senior Manager Cargo Transformation. Marcangelo is member of the new IATA PCWG and the CCA Technical Committee.
Francisco Rizzuto

Francisco Rizzuto

Cargo Specialist Manager European Region, IATA
Francisco Rizzuto is currently at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) holding the position of Cargo Specialist Manager for the EU, UK, Turkey, Ukraine, Israel, Russia & CIS countries, responsible for delivering IATA’s Cargo Agenda in the Region. Additionally acting also as IATA`s Auditor & Consultant on pharma temperature control projects at Airports in Europe, US, Canada, Latin America and South Africa for airlines, airports´ handling & ramp operators, freight forwarding companies and trucking companies. Before joining IATA, Rizzuto owned and managed his own company for 15 years dedicated to Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage and Int´l Trade Consulting, and worked for companies like Panalpina and UPS (Supply Chain Management).
Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez

Senior Manager Climate Control Products, Qatar Airways and CCA Member
Miguel Rodriguez joined Qatar Airways Cargo in December 2019 and is currently responsible for the Climate Control Products’ operational and commercial development, which include QR Pharma, QR Fresh (Perishables) and QR Live (Live Animals). Rodriguez has a strong background in operations and commercial management in the aviation and hospitality industries. He has been responsible for the IATA CEIV Pharma and Fresh certifications in his previous company and is currently leading the IATA CEIV Live certification for Qatar Airways Cargo and its Hub in Doha after successfully obtaining the IATA CEIV Pharma certification in December 2020.


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