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Envirotainer expands in India

Envirotainer expands in India

Delhi, India: Envirotainer has opened a new service station in Delhi, India to support growing pharmaceutical business in the cold chain.

“India is a world player in generic drugs manufacturers and API (pharmaceuticals) supplier for decades,” said Suat Toh, head of sales (Asia-Pacific). “Envirotainer has been supporting Indian pharmaceutical needs by providing best-in-class cold chain solutions for pharma products that require a controlled environment since year 2000.

“With the more stringent regulatory landscape internationally, Envirotainer noticed Indian pharma-manufacturers are continuously improving their cold chain quality management and strengthening the demand for high quality cold chain solution.”

Envirotainer will look to upgrade this station further in the future to include release/return of e-containers.

Ramesh Mamidala, chief executive at Celebi Delhi Cargo, said: “It is an extremely proud moment for Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal to have Envirotainer as its partner to establish a service station for Envirotainer containers at New Delhi. Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal as a company has been very focused on creating a state-of-the-art cold chain infrastructure in the terminal and has introduced various value added solutions over the time to benefit the trade community.”