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DeltaTrak has new reusable data logger

DeltaTrak has new reusable data logger

Pleasanton, California, US: DeltaTrak has launched its new FlashLink USB PDF reusable data loggers.

“Temperature verification is an important part of effective facility, equipment and process management,” the compoany saus.


DeltaTrak’s new FlashLink USB PDF reusable data loggers

“Our new line of reusable loggers are cost effective solutions for accurately monitoring and recording temperature conditions in cold storage warehouses, walk-in coolers, freezers, processing, packing and staging areas. They provide documentation required for HACCP, FDA, FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and other regulatory compliance. Four models are available – an internal sensor, an external sharp probe, an external blunt probe, and an external blunt probe that measures down to -80°C.

“These reusable electronic temperature loggers contain on-board software that generates PDF reports with temperature graphs, tables, summary statistics, and alarm information. The logger serial number is embedded in each report for complete traceability, to ensure the data is linked to the specific area it was monitoring.

“The initial set up of FlashLink USB PDF reusable data loggers is done with FlashPDF Program Manager software, allowing users to configure parameters such as sample rate, start time, delay start, alarm delay, upper and lower alarm limits.

“Data is downloaded with the on board software and does not require FlashPDF Program Manager. Frederick Wu, president, DeltaTrak, says: “The plug-and-play feature allows personnel on site to have quick access to temperature history reports without needing to use any software or special reading device, and without involvement of their corporate IT department.”

Information from the reports are used to make critical decisions for improving processes and cold chain logistics by identifying trends and patterns of temperature abuse. Our solutions help customers ensure product quality, integrity and safety.