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Delta Cargo's new 3,000-sq ft refrigerated storage unit in Detroit

Delta Cargo's new 3,000-sq ft refrigerated storage unit in Detroit

Delta Cargo, the airfreight division of Delta Air Lines, has opened a new 3,000-sq ft refrigerated storage unit at Detroit-Wayne County International Airport that will offer in-transit cooling and specialised handling for temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and other perishables. 

Designed and built in about five months, the facility uses precise temperature settings and controls to store sensitive shipments including pharmaceuticals, flowers, fish and seafood as well as fruits and vegetables in ideal climate conditions. 

With input from frontline Detroit Cargo employees, the unit features two drive-through doors and one rapid roll-up door for easy access, reveals senior vice-president Tony Charaf. “This new refrigerated storage unit will make it easier for our customers to do business in and through Detroit,” he adds. “We have a fabulous team in Detroit that works around the clock to ensure that our customers enjoy the best and most reliable service in the industry, and this latest investment allows them to apply their expertise to handle sensitive shipments.” 

The new unit is the latest in a series of investments in Delta Cargo’s Detroit operations that will provide additional storage and transfer capability for the cargo division’s Fresh product line. Fresh, which is available on the entire Delta mainline network, is designed for perishable shipments that are time-sensitive and require protection from extreme temperatures.