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COVID-19 Distribution Change Management Matrix - Q & A

COVID-19 Distribution Change Management Matrix Q&A

Nicola Caristo, CCA Secretary General and Airline Partner Manager SkyCell and Fabrizio Iacobacci, Head of Pharma Bus Development at BCube Spa and Board Member of CCA have sat down to discuss the COVID-19 Distribution Change Management Matrix. 

What is the matrix – how will it work in practice?

CCA’s mission is to be pragmatic with methodologies and tools applicable to the complicated world of temperature-controlled shipments by air. With COVID-19 affecting the air industry and pushing industries to re-think or, at least, re-evaluate the pharma supply chain we thought, as a Board, that a pragmatic tool supporting our members with change management would be a valuable proposal. We need to keep the highest standards and quality in pharma by air and the capacity of managing the incoming changes in the logistic chain for pharma is crucial.

Who will be filling in the information (CCA members)?

The tool was unveiled during our recent COVID-19 Taskforce Workshop, as part of our partnership with IATA. It is dedicated to our Members. Many shared their insights during the Workshop. The plan now is for the Board to evaluate and “translate” this feedback into a report for all interested stakeholders. 

Is data being shared as such, or is this a case of identifying areas to focus on?

Data sharing is the answer to many of the issues related to the transparency of the chain for pharmaceuticals, but CCA has no mandate in that sense. The tool is an immediate answer related to the necessity of creating a perimeter where, using the same technical drivers, we can focus on critical areas. The rest (data sharing) could be a next step to be considered, but not immediately.

The Matrix represents a Change Management Methodology so data sharing in terms of facilities, numbers of cool rooms, detailed operational numbers is not required or necessary. Having said this, data sharing and supply chain full visibility will be absolutely key when we start work on other CCA projects like the LAX Initiative and the Pharma Lanes Project.

Why is the focus just on airports?

We recognise that the airport is one of the most critical control points in the logistics chain for pharma by air for the simple reason that all the possible mistakes or problems arising in the other links in the supply chain nevitably affect the continuity of the shipment before the flight. When we say “ready for carriage” for pharmaceuticals at the airport there are potentially hundreds of criteria, which need to be fulfilled. It is critical to have the airport community using the same tools and speaking the same language to avoid miscommunication and ultimately errors. 

How will Members use the matrix?

The Matrix is a living document. Members can use it as a first contact with pharma by air, as a mature tool to be used to confirm their own gap analysis, or as a matrix to be implemented with other items if needed. These different degrees depend on the level of competence and skill of each Member and on the role the Member has in the chain, whether it is solution provider, operator, or Airport Authority, for example.

Will the matrix highlight best practices across the supply chain outside the management of Covid-19 vaccines?

We think that the matrix is a practical exercise. The outcome, that is to say the measure of the critical points, is the natural effect of the exercise itself. Of course, the exercise will highlight points in the chain, which require adjustment, improvement, or implementation, for example.

How can organisations that are not yet members benefit from the Matrix? 

When it comes to pharmaceutical, we need transparency and standards. You need a community where you share criteria, data, ideas, and perspectives. CCA is there because of its Members. And with them CCA can develop tools like the Matrix. The more we are, the better are the tools shared and created. The best result is that we help to improve competence in the chain.

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