'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Corporate Identity

The Cool Chain Association is proud of the excellence of their activities and we must make every effort to ensure that we can be equally proud of the impression we make in all aspects of the association’s appearance.

The corporate guidelines, expresses the association’s multiple capabilities and progressive orientation. Design controls have been evolved to add uniformity and clarity to the association’s visual aspects and are applicable to a wide range of services.

To achieve a successful impact, the total corporate identity program will depend largely on the spirit and skill with which each of us learns to use these controls and puts them to work.

Your individual effort is important to the success of our association.

Logo and Name

The Name for the Association for Transportation of Perishables and Temperature Sensitive Products (PTSP) is Cool Chain Association – abbreviated CCA.

It reflects the importance the Association attributes to the mandatory control of maintaining an assigned unbroken and controlled temperature supply chain for perishables and temperature sensitive products during the complete transportation chain.

The Association’s Logo reflects this aspect. The logo is the property of the Association and may not be used without the prior consent of the Association.