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ColdPoint Logistics shakes up export logistics

ColdPoint Logistics shakes up export logistics

Kansas City, Missouri, US: ColdPoint Logistics, a new temperature-controlled logistics firm and affiliate of NorthPoint Development, is to build a 15,000sq metre coldstore and distribution site at Logistics Park Kansas City in Edgerton.


“Our approach will change the traditional refrigerated logistics business model,” Dane Bear, vice president operations, ColdPoint

ColdPoint will be the first tenant in newly opened North Park at Logistics Park Kansas City, which includes 300 acres of rail-served sites. NorthPoint Development is the master developer of the 1,700-acre intermodal logistics park, which opened in late 2013 along a stretch of the BNSF Railway’s transcontinental line through Edgerton.

“By locating at LPKC, which is in the heart of America’s agricultural corridor, ColdPoint can leverage BNSF’s intermodal and direct-rail service to revolutionize the global food logistics industry,” Diogo Lobo, chief executive, ColdPoint said in a release.

“Because we are close to where animal protein and other Midwestern food products are produced, we have discovered an innovative and efficient way to export to foreign markets.”

Containers used to import products to Kansas City will be loaded with fresh and frozen food products at ColdPoint’s Logistics Park Kansas City site, shipped via BNSF’s rail network to the West Coast and loaded directly onto ocean carriers.

“Our approach will change the traditional refrigerated logistics business model,” Dane Bear, ColdPoint’s vice president of operations, said.

“This efficient, central source solution offers tremendous cost savings for ColdPoint customers. It is simple and sustainable, since we are nearly eliminating truck traffic and bypassing port congestion. We believe our LPKC location and innovative business model can replace the need for cold storage facilities at West Coast ports.”

ColdPoint’s new facility, which is expected to be operational by next August, will include convertible zones, blast freezing and a minus-10-degree freezer for slow freezing. With more than 6.6 million cubic feet, the building will have storage capacity of 15,300 pallet positions — with expansion opportunities for meeting customer demand.