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CCA welcomes NomadPower as a New Member

CCA welcomes NomadPower as a New Member

COOL CHAIN ASSOCIATION A.S.B.L. (CCA) today announced that NomadPower from The Netherlands joined the CCA as a new associate member. The CCA is committed to reduce wastage and improve the quality, efficiency and value of the temperature sensitive supply chain by facilitating and enabling vertical & horizontal collaboration, education and innovation amongst our members and stakeholders.

Mobility and Transport are conditions for prosperity and welfare, but our mobility system is also harmful to the economy, people and the environment. Half full trucks, increasing energy usage, CO2 emission, redistributing returnable transport items - all these issues force us to rethink our mobility patterns. The CCA is committed to increase awareness and stimulate all stakeholders to invest in clean mobility and therefor welcomes, supports and endorses NomadPower.

NomadPower is an international service for the supply of electricity to temperature controlled road transport during rest and wait hours. NomadPower installs and operates electricity connection points on designated park/rest areas along the major European transportation routes, at cold stores and in harbors.

Trucks that are registered at NomadPower can plug in and activate a NomadPower electricity connection point in order to get power for their onboard cooling units or reefers to cool (or heat) their load. Consequently, trucks don’t need to use their onboard diesel generator. By using power instead of diesel, trucks can save the environment and local air quality, prevent noise pollution and save costs.

NomadPower currently has a network of 8 locations with connection points in the Netherlands and Belgium and is expanding its network along the major transportation routes throughout Europe. The Cool Chain Association supports this NomadPower initiative as it perfectly fits the ambition to create Impact: visible and measurable results for both companies and our society.

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