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CCA Driving Culture Change and Encouraging Collaboration

CCA Driving Culture Change and Encouraging Collaboration

Collaboration, networking, and driving industry improvements are three reasons to join the CCA, according to the results of our 2020 Member Survey, which was undertaken before the current business landscape evolved.

Initiatives such as our 2019 Data Sharing Pilot, which looked at the movement of perishables in the context of fighting food waste, are demonstrating the value of working together to encourage fresh thinking.

Delegates at the CCA Americas Event in LAX

Our three events last year were seen by members as opportunities to network and find new business, but were also valued for encouraging debate, which in turn has driven ideas for new initiatives.

Once strong proposal, which developed during our Los Angeles, USA, Summit in November, is the LAX Initiative, which will involve stakeholders from across the supply chain and in different territories working together to share data and find new ways to collaborate.

A canine demonstration during the LAX event

We will be announcing further details about this, and other initiatives over the coming months and we will be recruiting volunteers to help us shape a sustainable future for our industry.

Abel Freight’s Andrew Russell, who supported us at the LAX event, told us;

“CCA is an outstanding network, which creates a whole- hearted group of like-minded individuals of various backgrounds joining forces through this association to combat cold-chain inefficiencies that exist today.”

Our efforts to be more visible have been well received and have already led us to gain new members, as well as helping us to liaise more closely with other Associations pushing for culture change for the better.

Most recently, we were able to announce our support of the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s Cargo iQ initiative aimed at encouraging quality in the cool chain.

We have more announcements like this planned as part of our commitment to delivering tangible benefits for members and for the industry as a whole.

We have listened to feedback from members that they would like CCA to be more communicative and, as a result, we are launching a regular newsletter and you can expect to see more from us on social media.

We are encouraged by members who have suggested new locations for our events in the future and are already planning meetings in South Africa, the USA, and India, once travel restrictions are lifted and we can guarantee the safety of everyone attending.

Given the current climate, it has never been more important to stay in touch, share and support, and the CCA will continue to provide a platform for members to do just that. 

We are working, together with our partners, on new ideas for our events this year, and will keep you up to date in plenty of time of what to expect.

We will make sure, that, whether we are able to meet up in person, or not, we will keep the debate moving on and push for our initiatives and new collaboration projects to continue to drive change.