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CCA AGM 2012

Sustainability in the Cool Chain

Sustainability is "the capacity to endure" and specifically for the Cool Chain, this means that a range of aspects need to addressed. This varies from reducing wastage to improving quality and from carbon footprint to collaboration and innovation.

The CCA is committed to ʻmaking our world a better placeʼ by delivering concrete contributions to improve the Cool Chain, the subset of the total supply chain that involves the production, storage and distribution of products that require some level of temperature control in order to retain their key characteristics and associated value e.g. food, pharmaceuticals and flowers. 

Improving quality in the temperature sensitive supply chain will reduce food wastage and food-borne illnesses, contributing to our overall health and reducing global hunger. Reducing carbon emissions and collaboration will make the Cool Chain more sustainable. Investing in innovation, research and education is a key requirement for both the short and the long term. Billions of dollars are at risk as perishables move through the global chain, so the stakes are high and the CCA want to make a difference.

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The following presentations were given during the AGM 2012 Meeting:

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10 Years CCA

This was the 10th CCA AGM and that was a good reason to thank a number of people for their continued support.

The following persons/companies have been with us for 10 years: 

  • Christian Helms (Cool Chain Group)
  • Robert Arendal (RA Associates) 
  • Radharamanan Panicker (CSC Services) 
  • Stavros Evangelakakis (CargoLux) 
  • Envirotainer 
  • Jan de Rijk Logistics
  • Arne Lossius (Marine Harvest)
  • Youri Busaan (Vatry Airport) 
  • Jan Ditlevsen (Billund Airport)
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