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CCA AGM 2011

"End-to-End" Solutions

If you produce, package, transport, store, import, export, distribute or sell temperature sensitive products like perishable goods and foodstuffs, the control and monitoring of the cool chain is critical to ensure product quality and safety when they reach the consumers.

Anything happens to the cool chain and improper temperature records will not only impact the quality of the products but will potentially pose harm to the consumers' health as well as brand integrity, if these products are consumed.

With consumer demand and concern growing for high quality, safety and traceable products, no matter you are a supplier, manufacturer or logistics service provider, maintaining control of your piece of the cold chain and making it transparent is crucial: "End to End".

End-to-End Solutions was the key theme at this inspiring CCA event.

FloraHolland host of the AGM 2011

Cool Chain Association is proud to present another successful event, this year hosted by our member FloraHolland.

The AGM took place from 25th – 27th May 2011 in Aalsmeer, NL.

The Netherlands is the heart of the international floriculture sector. It has an intricate and high-quality network of companies, ranging from breeders and growers to sales experts and export firms, representing every aspect of the business. The Netherlands is the place where supply and demand comes together. FloraHolland flower auction plays a key role in the Netherlands, where its position as marketplace fulfils the role of matchmaker, intermediary and knowledge center.

FloraHolland is a modern business with six auction centers, a nationally-operating intermediary organization and an import department. The attendees of the AGM2011 got a unique opportunity to visit the facilities and learn more about the inside of the flower business.

CCA is looking back on a very interesting meeting with presentations, discussions and networking to the subject “End to End Solutions”. Thank you all who were there for contributing !!

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The following presentations were given during the AGM 2011 Meeting:

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