'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Cargolux expansion extends pharmaceutical opportunities

Cargolux expansion extends pharmaceutical opportunities

Work is underway to extend the Cargolux warehouse in order to be able to safely move and store healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

The 3,000 m2 warehouse expansion, which is due to be opened in Spring 2013, will enable the air freight firm to store temperature sensitive items while in transit.

It will offer two temperature zones with permanent temperature monitoring, compliant with the global guidelines on the storage and distribution of medical products for human use.

The space will include six dedicated temperature-controlled trucking docks and is designed to reduce transit times from aircraft to truck.

Cargolux has developed an expertise in providing a consistent cool chain for the products it carries. Its 747-400 and 747-8 freighters guarantee optimal conditions with four independently adjustable temperature zones on board that allow the transportation of different types of commodities on the same flight.

“Managing temperature is an art,” said Cargolux Sales Manager and Cool Chain specialist Stavros Evangelakakis, adding: “It is crucial that every single person involved in the transportation process understands the need for an unbroken temperature chain. This awareness, that we have established internally, is what we promote externally.”

Cargolux is a member of the IATA Time and Temperature Task Force Cool Chain Association, which aim to continuously improve the supply chain of perishable items with the support of the industry.