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Canada: Manitoulin buys cold-chain forwarder

Canada: Manitoulin buys cold-chain forwarder

Ontario, Canada: Canadian freight operator Manitoulin Global Forwarding has added temperature-controlled trucking to its portfolio by acquiring MAP International Freight of Vaughan, Ontario, 

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The acquisition is the latest in a series for the forwarding operator’s parent company, Manitoulin Group, as it expands within Canada and internationally and broadens its portfolio of transportation and logistics services.

In the past two years, Manitoulin has acquired several trucking operators in Western Canada and expanded its existing operations in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. Trucking subsidiary Manitoulin Transport opened a new terminal in Brandon, Manitoba, on 6 June.

MAP specializes in international refrigerated cargoes, chilled and frozen goods, agricultural commodities and goods requiring heating, whether transported by truck, ship or airplane. The company’s customers include major food manufacturers and distributors and pharmaceutical companies. The acquisition brings increasingly important cold-chain expertise to Manitoulin’s worldwide forwarding business.

“In the temperature-control realm of freight forwarding, there is no room for error when you consider the delicate nature of the goods,” Dwayne Hihn, president of Manitoulin Global Forwarding, said in a statement. “An improperly planned delivery, be it the packaging and storage of goods or the wrong forecast on the length of a delivery, could be catastrophic.”

Increasingly stringent US rules on food imports make planning shipments more complex when perishable freight crosses multiple borders. The US Food and Drug Administration released its final rule on sanitary food transportation, part of a larger effort to focus on prevention of food safety problems throughout the supply chain, in April. Several other rules were issued last year.

Manitoulin’s most recent acquisition also coincides with an increase in cross-border traffic between the U.S. and Canada. In the first quarter, total US-Canada truck crossings rose 3.2 percent, but were up 6.2 percent at the three largest border crossings. Although the automotive industry plays a big part in that increase, motor carriers reported gains in general freight volume as well.

Manitoulin Transport has 250 terminals in the United States. The purchase of MAP, with its network of international agents, will help expand Manitoulin Global Forwarding’s reach in North America and overseas.