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California Giant adopts Locus Traxx for cold chain

California Giant adopts Locus Traxx for cold chain

Watsonville, California, US: California Giant Berry Farms is shifting to exclusive use of Locus Traxx temperature recorders on berry shipments.

The SmartTraxx GO shipment monitoring system from Locus Traxx enables continuous monitoring of any shipment at any tim, says California Giant.

The system is disposable. As soon as the tab is pulled from each unit, temperature and location data become accessible online.

“As we look to drive extra costs out of the system, keeping an inventory of several different recorders for various customers at multiple shipping points drives costs up,” Anthony Gallino, vice president of sales for California Giant, said in a news release.

“Our goal is to offer premium and consistent quality every day, and the cold chain is a key element of this process.”

“Since we started using Locus Traxx products on our delivered loads, our temperature issues at arrival have dropped to below 1%,” he said.

The switch is California Giant’s effort to keep berries cold through the distribution system as summer approaches, according to the company.