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Biologistex, MNX to offer cold chain logistics for biopharma

Biologistex, MNX to offer cold chain logistics for biopharma

Irvine, CA, US: Biologistex has partnered with MNX Global Logistics to provide cold chain logistics services to the biopharma, biobanking, and regenerative medicine markets, reports LBR Supply Chain.

The services will be offered through the Biologistex SaaS app. Both the companies have agreed to combine their respective IT systems to allow users of the biologistex cloud based cold chain logistics app to directly order and purchase MNX support and logistic services.

The services include next flight out, same day delivery and door to door professional courier pickup and delivery of time and temperature sensitive biologic shipments.

Paul Martins, chief execurtive, MNX said: “The evo Smart Shipper and biologistex cloud SaaS complement our drive to leverage cutting-edge technologies that help simplify cold-chain shipments for customers in the cell therapy and regenerative medicine markets.”

Mike Rice, president, BioLife said: “We are very pleased about our partnership with MNX, a global, best in class cold chain support services provider, and are excited to promote their logistics and support services to our customers via the biologistex app.”

MNX provides transportation and logistics services for the aviation, life science, medical device, secure custody and control and entertainment industries.

Biologistex is a joint venture of BioLife Solutions and SAVSU Technologies. It offers clinical grade cell and tissue hypothermic storage and cryopreservation freeze media and a related cloud hosted biologistics cold chain management app for smart shippers.