'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Berlinger & Co. AG

Swiss temperature monitoring systems

Berlinger & Co. AG, founded in 1865, is a family run company based in Switzerland, in the middle of the idyllic valley of Toggenburg. Today the name Berlinger stands for innovative technology, openness and quality.

From Indicators and Data Loggers to Complete Monitoring Systems

Our temperature monitoring systems offer the highest security for quality management. It started with chemical-based indicators, continues with electronic indicators such as Freeze-tag, Q-tag CLm, Q-tag Quad, Berlinger Mini-tag and moves on to USB Data loggers such as CLm doc devices or Fridge-tag. Most of these systems are WHO/UNICEF-approved and listed in their PQS catalogue. Berlinger’s temperature monitors can capture data in a passive mode or real time. They are hundred thousand of times used by operators all over the world. SmartView is Berlinger’s cloud based data management system, combining site monitoring and shipment monitoring under one platform.

Benefit from our experience and competence

Berlinger & Co. AG has provided the pharmaceutical and other industries for over 25 years with reliable and easy to use temperature monitoring solutions. Reliable and seamless temperature monitoring is essential for comprehensive quality assurance. The transport of temperature-critical products especially is a challenge for all concerned, particularly when various companies are involved.

Swiss Quality & Development

Berlinger & Co. AG specialises in different niche products. Quality, customer service and customer proximity are the common denominator. The optimum temperature monitoring system offers clarity, transparency and documentation for every delivery of your high-quality, sensitive products – easily and securely. Our cost efficiency and its easy handling gives our customers an additional advantage in comparison to conventional products on the market.