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Amsafe Bridport

Globally renowned, AmSafe Bridport supports air cargo logistics around the world with its industry-tested range of single use and re-usable thermal blanket solutions, specifically designed to protect all types of temperature sensitive products, reduce freight volumes and aid quick handling - key requirements for the pharmaceutical supply chain.

AmSafe Bridport's air cargo thermal blankets and covers meet every aviation flammability requirement in accordance to FAR/JAR/CS25.853(a) and have been extensively tested, both in AmSafe Bridport's cold chambers and in external independent test houses, ensuring air cargo thermal covers are fully validated.

The result delivers quick and easy handling, reduced airfreight volume and is a substantial improvement in the control of temperature and moisture over traditional blankets and wraps - assuring quality and validating critical transport requirements that ultimately defends against heat changes during planned gaps and unforeseen breakdowns or logistic chain deviations. 

AmSafe Bridport's Thermal Air Cargo Covers provide the essential peace of mind that temperature-sensitive cargo will reach destinations safely with total integrity assured.

Graph 1: The effect of exposure to solar radiation and extremes of ambient temperature on controlled room temperature goods protected by the DuPont™ Tyvek® Air Cargo Covers

Markets Served

AmSafe Bridport is the world leader in cargo safety systems for the aerospace, defence and specialty vehicle industries.

From each of their global locations – United States, United Kingdom, China, Sri Lanka – the firm has the design, engineering, manufacturing and 24/7 customer support capabilities, enabling customers to meet the most stringent regulatory safety requirements.

AmSafe Bridport works with major international airlines, operators, and GHAs, ensuring integrity and confidence in cargo safety products.

Close involvement and active participation with Aerospace Industry Groups & Committees ensures AmSafe Bridport products meet all required and upcoming regulatory requirements.

Protecting cargo is the no.1 priority for AmSafe Bridport and every day around the world, their products move countless tons safely and securely in the air and on the ground.

Services Offered

AmSafe Bridport's in-depth knowledge, understanding and expertise of cargo containment provides a breadth of solutions to meet customers’ most challenging transportation requirements.

This safety protection market leader and IATA Strategic Partner, designs, tests and manufactures unique high performance products such as:

  • Thermal Air Cargo Covers
  • Lightweight Cargo Pallet Nets
  • Cargo Tie-Down Straps
  • Fire Containment Covers
  • RPG Net Protection Systems
  • Airframe Barrier Nets and Helicopter Underslung Equipment. 

AmSafe Bridport's Air Cargo Thermal Covers

AmSafe Bridport partnered with DuPont to offer the DuPont™ Tyvek® Air Cargo Cover, which is designed for single/limited use.

Tyvek® is an exceptional non-woven material that is a global leader in selective barrier technology, bringing new dimensions of protection, security and safety in a wide variety of industries. Its unique properties mean that not only are the Tyvek® air cargo covers water resistant (protecting against heavy rain and hail), they are also breathable, reducing condensation and allowing oxygen to reach produce to guard against irreversible damage and extend product life.

The reflective material provides a high level of thermal protection from solar radiation, reducing the damaging effects of the heat and keeping shipments naturally cooler than other covers on the market.

The lightweight and flexible Tyvek® air cargo cover also ensures that the user is benefiting from quick and easy handling, reduced airfreight volume and compact storage.

This product is available in several sizes with an emphasis on the shipment of pharmaceutical products. This is in recognition of the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry and following extensive trials undertaken between AmSafe Bridport with partner airlines and pharmaceutical companies.

AmSafe Bridport provides global support and stock holding. 

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DuPont™ Tyvek® is a Trademark of DuPont used under license