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American Airlines Cargo has CEIV certification

American Airlines Cargo has CEIV certification

Dallas, Texas, US: American Airlines Cargo has signed with the International Air Transportation Association to obtain certification for the handling of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

Initial stations will include American’s home base and hub at Dallas-Fort Worth International and at Miami International.

American will also certify Philadelphia International in support of its dedicated, 25,000 square-foot pharmaceutical and healthcare handling site that opened in 2015.

The IATA certification, known as the Center for Excellence and Independent Validators, validates the capabilities associated with the proper transport of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments.

“Our focus is on moving pharmaceuticals safely and efficiently across the globe, and being the first US carrier to promote this certification will help show our partners and customers how confident we are in our abilities to offer the best cold-chain service possible,” says Tom Grubb, American’s manager of cold chain strategy for its cargo division.